Corporate Identity Design: Express Your Brand Effectively

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Published: 11th July 2012
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In the present scenario, there prevails a huge competition that overshadows the market. In order to survive in this cut throat competition, businesses need to be come out in the limelight and stand out as unique in the crowd of millions. It is mandatory for every business to show their existence in the market; only then your business would be able to get success in the corporate culture. Expressing the corporate identity (CI) in an effective and innovative manner is the best possible way to reach out to maximum people. It is one of the most valuable assets that a corporation has. So, in order to make your business more credible and popular, you need to create a professionally designed business identity.

Before moving further, we would like to put some light on what the corporate identity actually is. Well, it answers two basic questions about your business. Who you are and what you do? A CI is the face of your business that needs to be clean, attractive, impressive and can convey the business information in a healthy way. Corporate Identity gets momentum via Brand Identity, Brand Promotion and Branding. Now the way corporate identity is publicly manifested is called Corporate Identity Design. It is the process of creating visual images (brand image) and promotes it in the form of logo, business card, letterheads, business stationery and many more. Corporate identity design is also called as corporate stationery design, brand identity design or brand image design. It is a very creative process as the brand image needs to be absolutely unique that define your entire business.

There are myriads of companies of small as well as large sizes that invest a lot in creating corporate identities in order to influence public with their brand. Here are some of mediums where corporations invest their budget on their brand identity design.

1)Logo Design
Logo is basically a graphic symbol that is created and promoted for instant public recognition. A companyís logo is mostly considered as the trademark and brand identity. For example, a well known Apple Inc can be easily recognized by its logo, i.e. a half eaten apple. A well designed logo with a unique appearance is enough to change the mind set of clients in the first look.

2)Business Cards
In the present scenario, brochures play an important role in the branding and advertising of your company and business. It is one of best medium to spread your business to your targeted customers conveying all important information along with. Moreover, you donít need to invest huge money on this branding and advertising tool. The only thing to be taken into consideration is the brochure design and printing. A creatively designed and perfectly printed brochure attracts people to view and read out the entire information provided in it.

3)Letterhead Design
A letterhead is corporate stationery, generally used to send business letters that includes companyís information in short. Basically, this is used with the aim of branding. A professionally designed letterhead plays a vital role in the daily business communication.

There are other various ways of brand identity design like business cards, corporate folders, web templates, etc. All these tools of brand Identity design require graphic design skills and a creative approach. A well designed corporate identity design reflects positive impressions in the mind of people, so the first and foremost thing for running a business is to create an appealing and effective corporate identity design.

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